2023 Highlights

2023 Highlights What sums up 2023 in the gardens? More seedlings, lots of West Ward dance moves, a new garden, happy worms & unhappy groundhogs, and an array of volunteers

Salt Tolerant Plants

What are some native, salt/pet-waste tolerant plants for Eastern Pennsylvania? Yarrow, American Holly, Northern Sea Oats, Echinacea, Switchgrass, Eastern Red Cedar, Day Lillies, Bayberry, Sedum, Highbush Blueberry. Non-native that could

Easton Earth Day

11 ways to make a difference at Easton Earth Day In our opinion, the best way to celebrate is to play a part in the festivities. Join us on Saturday,

2022 in Review

  2022: Year in Review Cheers to another year! It means so much to us (and Easton) when people volunteer, grow their own veggies, and attend events at the gardens.

Winter Floral Wreaths

Winter Floral Wreaths We are so grateful for Krystal Snyder, West Ward resident, Penn State extension educator, and small business owner of Branch & Vine, to lead this festive workshop

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