Cover Crops & Compost Workshop

More on some of the highlighted fall gardening terms: Climate Zone 6b USDA plant hardiness zones refer to different growing zones across the US - where the lowest low and

West Ward Market recap – July

  West Ward Market Recap: July Week 1: Veggie Scavenger Hunt This week, we partnered with several produce and food vendors at the market to host an interactive Veggie Scavenger

Veggie Fun Facts and Recipes!

  What's that?! Fun Facts, Veggie Samples, & Recipes to Explore Unfamiliar Vegetables With so many different vegetable varieties, there are bound to be veggies that folks have never seen

Pollinator Appreciation!

Pollinator Appreciation! As we continue to enjoy fresh summer produce and are moving quickly through the delicious-ness of seasonal produce from local farms (strawberries, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, peaches & more

Intro to our 6 Community Gardens

Intro to our 6 Community Gardens Situated in different neighborhoods across Easton, our 6 community gardens provide city residents with fresh, culturally relevant fruits and vegetables, safe recreational green spaces,

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