Milk Crate Container Gardens

Watch this short video to see how we made our Milk Crate Gardens!

Easton Garden Works had the pleasure of partnering with Easton Public Market’s Highmark Farmstand and Homestead Coffee Roasters to bring together the Milk Crate Container Gardens for our Easton community. With Highmark Farmstand’s donation of milk crates and Homestead Coffee Roaster’s donation of burlap coffee bean sacks, we were able to plant seedlings that were grown from seed here at Easton Garden Works.

On Monday, June 1st, at the Easton Area Community Center, these milk crates were given out for free to members of our community looking to start their urban gardens — perfect for growing vegetables at home with the support of your local businesses!

Special thanks to Highmark Farmstand and our local roasters, Homestead Coffee Roasters, for collaborating with us to give back to our community!

Easton Public Market’s Highmark Farmstand                                                                                                                                          Homestead Coffee Roasters

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