Early Action Project: Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries + Engagement Stations

During initial community meetings, West Ward residents of the North Union Street and Elm Street Apartments were asked about what they’d like to see more of in their neighborhood: access to books and educational resources were a frequent mention. 

As an early action project of the Planning Grant, the Choice Neighborhood team has worked to identify locations for install the four Little Free Libraries. Two libraries have been installed at each of the two HACE family public housing development sites that are the focus of the reinvestment efforts. The Libraries will provide convenient access to free books, and get previously-loved stories in the hands of community members.  In addition to books, the Libraries will be locations for residents to find information about the Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant process and will include a drop-box for surveys and neighborhood feedback.

The libraries were painted by HACE residents and Choice Neighborhood Community Ambassadors Edith Adams and Brenda Williams, with the help of local youth from both N. Union Street and Elm Street Apartments.  


Little Free Libraries are found throughout the city, and this new batch will complement the three currently found in the West Ward.
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N. Union & Northampton streets

N. Locust & Pearl streets
(at the basketball courts and playground)

1108 Elm Street

S. Warren & Butler streets