Intro to our 6 Community Gardens

Situated in different neighborhoods across Easton, our 6 community gardens provide city residents with fresh, culturally relevant fruits and vegetables, safe recreational green spaces, and the ability to plant, manage, and harvest crops of their choosing. Our gardens also serve as community gathering areas and inviting spaces for our gardening-based workshops and other educational activities. Check out our volunteering page to sign up for any of our upcoming volunteer events. We can’t wait to have you join us at any of our six community garden sites!

Garden 1 of 6: Lower Hackett Community Garden (Wood Avenue, Easton PA 18042; past Fisk Field)

Located just past Fisk Field, beside the Easton microforest, Lower Hackett is our largest community garden. This space is our main hub for donation crops, is the only garden with beehives, and will soon house our brand-new green house!

Lower Hackett is also our largest space for community gardener plots, is a crowd favorite for volunteer projects, and is the current home of the Easton Compost Program.

Directions to Lower Hackett Community Garden:



Garden 2 of 6: 10th and Pine Community Garden (923 Pine Street, Easton PA 18042)

Located on Pine Street in the heart of the West Ward, the 10th and Pine Community Garden is our second largest garden, and is very popular for community gatherings and group volunteer days. With street parking and a parking lot, this is a versatile space where we can do much more than garden. In fact, 10th and Pine is the previous site for the Veggies in the Community (VIC) market and the YMCA Summer Pop Up and Play programming. While Veggies in the Community has transitioned into the new West Ward Market (only two blocks up on 12th street; Wednesdays from 3pm-7pm), our 10th and Pine Community Garden is still a lively and diverse garden, filled with awesome community gardener plots, strawberry plants, native pollinators, and shared spaces to hang out and enjoy green space in our urban city.

Directions to the 10th and Pine Community Garden:

Garden 3 of 6: Lynn Street Community Garden (on the corner near Rag and Bone Recycling, Inc. — 1401 Lynn Street, Easton PA 18042)

Located in the West Ward near the Lehigh river, Lynn Street is one of our smaller community garden locations. This garden is home to a cozy gathering space with a fire pit, community gardener plots, and some of our most beautiful flower beds.

Directions to Lynn Street Community Garden:

Garden 4 of 6: Julianna Street Community Garden (458 Ferry Street, Easton PA 18042)

Located right outside of Centre Square at the intersection of Ferry Street and Julianna Street, this garden is tucked behind the historic Jacob Nicholas House and has a wide variety of flowers and crops growing in the few community gardener plots available. Despite being our smallest garden, Julianna Street is a lively and enjoyable gathering space for the surrounding neighborhood. The garden was modeled after the historic ‘Four Square’ kitchen garden which would be accurate to the Jacob Nicholas House. 

Directions to Julianna Street Community Garden:

Garden 5 of 6: Walter House Garden (215 Michael J. Koury Pl, Easton, PA 18042)

Right along the steep Washington Street/Larry Holmes Drive hill, our Walter House Garden is a small space with raised garden beds, several trees and flowering bushes, as well as an open grass yard. This garden provides residents of the Walter House with safe and accessible green space where neighbors can collaborate to maintain and improve the overall garden.

Directions to Walter House Garden:


Garden 6 of 6: Easton Area Community Center Children’s Garden (901 Washington Street, Easton PA 18042)

The Easton Area Community Center Children’s Garden is safely positioned within the EACC play area right next to the community mural. While this is a small space, the learning opportunities that this garden facilitates are endless. In the summer, the EACC Children’s Garden is a prime gathering space for summer camp activities too! Our recent lessons included food miles/more sustainable food systems, plus waste reduction through composting and recycling.

Directions to Easton Area Community Center: