Giving Back to the Easton Community

We are so grateful to have teamed up with the West Ward Community Initiative and the Easton Area Community Center to give back to our local community. Every Monday and Wednesday from 5-6:30pm, the community center will be handing out free to-go meals to any family of any size, adults and children. On Monday, June 1st, Easton Garden Works joined efforts by donating freshly-harvested produce from the Lower Hackett Community Garden, 13 cucumber and zucchini Seed-starter Kits, and 18 Milk Crate Container Gardens.

Produce Donation

These beautiful radishes are the product of our Lower Hackett Community Garden! Easton Garden Works’ community gardens are a place where members of the community can grow their own produce, and where produce is grown for food donations as well. As we acclimate to increased safety regulations and modifications to our events, come July, we will be ready to continue Lafayette’s Vegetables in the Community event every Thursday starting at 5:30pm. We hope to see you there for free, fresh, organic, and locally-grown produce as well as children’s activity bags!

Seed-starter Kits

To kick-start your at-home garden, we gave away 13 Seed-starter Kits to make it easier to grow your own produce. Each bag contained either cucumber or zucchini seeds, planting and care directions, soil, a starter pot, a recipe card for either cucumber or zucchini, and information about shopping with EBT at the Easton Farmers’ Market.

Milkcrate Gardens

Our Milk Crate Gardens are a collaborative Easton Garden Works project with Highmark Farmstand and Homestead Coffee Roasters where we were able to hand out pre-planted seedlings ready to grow. Stay tuned for more information about our Milk Crate Garden project!