Children’s Homemade Binoculars

Make your next outdoor adventure more exciting with your own personalized binoculars! This is a perfect craft for utilizing supplies you have at home and makes a great activity for exploring nature.



•Toilet paper tubes (2) or a paper towel roll cut in half

•Tape or glue

•Hole puncher

•Decoration- any supplies you have at home!

•Yarn or string


*Note: These items are what was available to me, but feel free to use alternative materials that you already have at home! 



Step 1: Cover the tubes with construction paper and adhere with tape or glue

Step 2: Attach the 2 tubes together using tape along both edges

Step 3: Decorate the tubes! You can use pieces of construction paper, stickers, buttons, paint, or anything you have at home. Time to get creative!

Step 4: On the side that will be against your face, use a hole puncher to make a hole on the outer, taped edge of each tube 

Step 5: Cut your yarn or string to a length that the binoculars can lay comfortably on your chest, and then tie each end to the outer holes of each tube

Now you are all set to go on an outdoor adventure with your homemade, personalized binoculars! 


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