Meet ‘Star Gardener’ Tim Wells

Tim & Tammy Wells

Meet Tim Wells, an Eastonian with a passion for hard work, volunteering, and his plots at the Lynn Street Community Garden. Tim volunteers at ProJeCt of Easton in addition to spending his time gardening and growing food donations for Vegetables in the Community. He led volunteer days at multiple community gardens, spent countless hours tackling weeds at Lynn Street, grew beautiful radishes, tomatoes, and more, and brought the gardeners together to enjoy our spot throughout 2019.

Tim exemplifies a ‘Star Gardener’ not only because he has quite a green thumb (his raised beds kept the entrance to the Lynn Street garden vibrant and green this season), but because he cares deeply about the well-being of those around him. In his spare time, he even cleans up litter throughout the City! The Easton Community Garden program is thankful for all the effort Tim puts into keeping the Lynn Street garden tidy, and for the friendship (and tasty treats!) he and his wife, Tammy, have shared. Any Lynn Street gardener knew they were in for a good conversation and a helping hand if they saw Tim riding his bike up to the garden. Get to know a little more about Tim below:

  • Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in Easton? I am from Decatur, Illinois, and my wife is from Cincinnati, Ohio. We have lived in Easton for 12 years.
  • How and why did you first get into gardening? I was raised in central Illinois which is farm country, I love getting my hands in the soil. My father is still a gardener at 91. I was always expected to help in the yard, garden and work in farmer fields from an early age. It is in my blood (DNA). Plus, I enjoy it, hard work is good for the soul and love being outdoors.
  • What is your favorite thing to grow and why? I enjoy growing squash. I like to see the blossoms with bees working from one bloom to other and yes, eating them is great too. Harvest time is best, it signals the changing of the seasons and brings hope of good things to come (i.e. cool weather, fall foliage and squash soup …yum.)
  • Best garden/life tip? Share what you grow and grow where you’re planted.
  • Have you donated food from your garden to the program? Yes, to the program and across the Lynn St neighborhood. It is the main reason I joined the Easton Community Garden.
  • Interesting fact about yourself? Caring for the Earth is a passion of mine, living in a clean and healthy environment is a right that I wish all could embrace. Maybe this is why I selected Geology and Earth Science as my double major in college. I love the outdoors.