About West Ward

Community Vision Statement

The historic West Ward is a colorful, safe and desirable neighborhood fully integrated into Easton’s vibrant urban fabric. Residents have direct and affordable access to excellent education and training opportunities, local jobs and support services. Neighborhood amenities are connected by a system of improved sidewalks, bicycle routes and tree-lines streets. The West Ward’s cherished parks and open spaces host many of the community’s unique events and art installations that draw visitors and showcase local creativity. In a neighborhood that champions diversity, equality and inclusion, residents are fully engaged and invested in the well-being of the community. Residents of all colors, backgrounds, cultures, ages, faiths and incomes are proud to call the West Ward home and work together to make it a neighborhood of choice.

Focusing On 6 Key Priorities:

Arts, Culture and History

Business and Services

Fostering Strong Neighborhoods

Open Space and Public Amenities

Improving Mobility Access

Education and Equity

The West Ward Community Initiative (WWCI) supports community revitalization activities in the City of Easton’s West Ward neighborhood. That area covers 6th to 15th Street and Butler Street to Jackson Street.